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Coolant pumps
Non self-priming, low-medium flow, medium head, mechanical seal, multistage close coupled type
Product description
①Energy-saving pump with a Top Runner motor (Equivalent to IE3) motor (VKC-e type).
②The wetted parts are all made of stainless steel.
③It can be used with the liquid temperature -20°C to +90°C (No frozen liquid is allowed.).
④A highly durable mechanical seal is adopted.
Made of SiC/porous SiC with a special structure that is excellent in wear resistance and ensure lubricity.
⑤Compliant with RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), which restricting 10 substances.
⑥It complies with EU directive (CE Marking).
⑦Energy-saving operation by inverter control (flow rate adjustment, etc.) is possible (200 V class).
⑧With the lineup of VKC-AH (pressure type) and VKC-AQ (flow type), a wide range of choices of head and flow rate is available.
Coolant liquid circulation and transfer
Tank transfer
Various types of filtration
Circulation and transfer of various cleaning liquids
Pumped liquid
Liquid temperature
Power frequency*
Number of poles