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The source of power is in the stream of water, wind, and people.

Air and water the most important foundation for all adaptable life, joyful lives, and vibrant businesses. Teral has understood the role of air and water since 1918. We have provided products and systems which boost demand while constantly developing industry-leading cutting-edge technology. And now we have our eyes set on the future.
If you turn on the tap or open a valve, you can use fresh water and air whenever you want. While increasing this convenience, we are going to make better use of that power, recycle it, and return it to nature without burdening the environment. We consider it our duty to take the initiative to realize a truly rich living environment and create a more sustainable human society. When the streams of water, wind, and people become one, the new “Power of Stream” that arises is richer and more beautiful. That is our hope at Teral.

Hirofumi Sugata