We plan the expansion of the TERAL group's business and improve the operational efficiency of the group companies, determine the group management policies and provides operational guidance.
We also operate our own business through the outsourcing of temporary staffing and job placement services, including contributions to local communities, as well as technical and sales operations within the Group.

230 Moriwake, Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City,
Hiroshima 720-0003, Japan
TEL : (084)955-2372
FAX : (084)955-2130


As the key production base in Japan, we make improvements every day to promptly meet customers’ needs, mainly for pumps, fans, and water supply units.

230 Moriwake, Miyuki-cho, Fukuyama City,
Hiroshima 720-0003, Japan
TEL : (084)955-1111
FAX : (084)955-5777

Teral Technoservice Inc.

From our 24 hour monitoring system,
down to our maintenance,
renovation and installation proposals,
we support a vast business
ecosystem in a quick and efficient
manner. We also provide system
engineering for factories and water
treatment facilities.

4F K.I.S Iidabashi, 2-3-28 koraku,Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 112-0004,Japan
TEL : (03)3818-0700
FAX : (03)3818-6817

Teral Taku Inc.

Teral Taku Inc.

Our "Kegon" home pumps have
proven track records since 1970.
Under the renewal of "New Kegon"
we reaffirm our commitment in
continuing to contribute to the
creation of a safe and secure
environment with endless

3898 Nagao, Minamitaku-cho, Taku City
Saga 846-0023, Japan
TEL : (0952)75-4121
FAX : (0952)74-3384

Teral Kurita Inc.

Teral Kurita Inc.

We manufacture agricultural
systems for Frost, Dehumidification,
Drying which were borne from our
ventilating systems founded on our
core technology to produce wind.
We accept made to order products
to meet the individual needs of our

2-101 Arai, Kitamoto-City,
Saitama 364-0026, Japan
TEL : (048)591-1721
FAX : (048)591-5717

Taniyama Co., Ltd.

Taniyama Co., Ltd.

We provide solutions for industrial,
construction, and air conditioning
applications in many different
fields. We produce centrifugal
blowers, axial flow blowers, and
different kinds of fans satisfy
various needs. These products can
be applied to a wide range of uses,
such as public office buildings,
tunnel construction, production,
the electricity industry, and various
other manufacturing industries.

18 Kitahatsushimacho, Amagasaki-City,
Hyogo 660-0834, Japan
TEL : (06)4868-3530
FAX : (06)4868-3672