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Fire pumps
Motor driven, multistage, 2-pole, direct coupled type
Product description
①Compliant to new standard "Fire and Disaster Management Agency Notification No.8"
②Space saving: Adopts 50L priming tank and 50L pressure chamber for start-up approved by new standard.
③Microcomputer control panel: Control panel is made compact by installation of microcomputer. This size of control panel can be used for special specifications such as water supply tank filling and water reduction.
④A highly visible digital display is used to indicate the power supply voltage and operating current. All alarms are indicated by numbers, making it easy to identify the cause of an abnormality and respond quickly.(LED indicator lights are used in some cases)
⑤Superior workability: Piping and wiring can be completed simply by wiring the power supply and start signals to the external piping and control panel, making installation easy.
Outdoor fire hydrants
Connected water supply pipe
Pumped liquid
Fresh water
Liquid temperature
0 ~ 40℃
Power frequency*
Flow rate
Total head
Number of poles
Unit type