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NX-VFC Multiple pump

Pressurized water supply pump
Estimated terminal pressure constant control (inverter), 3-5 pump operation
Product description
①Energy efficiency
・Equipped with a Top Runner (equivalent to IE3) motor. (0.4kW is equivalent to IE3 efficiency.)
・"Triple e control" reduces wasteful operation in accordance with operating conditions, and "Estimated terminal pressure constant control" prevents excessive pressure by changing the number of revolutions of the pump according to the water volume.
・High efficiency is achieved by optimally designed impeller using 3D fluid analysis.
②Quiet operation
・3D flow analysis of the water inside the pump and the adoption of precision cast stainless casting in the pump section have enabled a reduction in noise by up to 5 dB (A) compared to conventional equivalent models.
③Multifunctional control
・If the same pump runs continuously for a certain period of time, the system automatically switches to the standby pump.
・Equipped with an operation time equalization control function to suppress unevenness in the operation time of each pump due to changes in water usage time and season.
・If trouble is detected, the pump automatically switches to the standby pump for backup operation and self-diagnoses whether the same malfunction occurs again with the retry function and self-determines the alarm output.
・The 2-tank circuit, the inflow solenoid valve circuit, and the 5P circuit with electrodes are equipped as standard.
・A backup controller is available as a special specification to avoid water cutoff even in the event of a pressure transmitter or control board failure.
・"Function to limit the number of pumps in operation" is available as a special specification to temporary reduce the power supply capacity, such as when using an emergency power supply.
 ※When the number of pumps in operation is limited, unit control is also limited. And interlock function cannot be usedin Designed for maintenance
④Designed for maintenance
・The operating time and total number of starts for each pump can be displayed as a convenient guide for replacing consumable parts.
・Alarm history display (Up to the last 5 times) is available for quick response in case of trouble.
⑤New water quality standard-compliant product
Stainless steel is used for the wetted parts, and all possible measuresare taken to provide safer water as well as to prevent rusty water.
⑥ BL certified products
BL certified products (excellent housing parts) are superior in quality, performance, and after-sales service, as assessed by Center fo Better Living, an incorporated foundation registered with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation.
General water supply
Water supply for industrial water, small water supply, and sprinkling
Pumped liquid
Fresh water
Liquid temperature
0 ~ 40℃
Power frequency*
Flow rate
Total head
Number of poles
Suction conditions