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Home pump for shallow wells
Constant pressure control, diaphragm type
Product description
①Weight reduction and corrosion resistance improvement by using resin
Corrosion and rust resistance is greatly improved by using resin for the pump cover and self-suction case and stainless steel casting for the suction port and discharge port.
②Various applications in constant water volume and constant water pressure control
The flow switch controls the stop and operation of the pump.There is no conventional pulsation, and constant pressure and constant water volume can be obtained at any time.
③Light weight and compact size for easy operation in small spaces
Automatic operation with built-in accumulator makes it compact and lightweight compared to the pressure tank system.
④Adoption of electronic control system
The sensor quickly detects abnormal conditions (high temperature, overcurrent, etc.) and protects the pump with electronic circuits. An abnormal state is indicated by a lamp.
The main body of the board is molded with urethane resin to further improve moisture resistance.
⑤ Equipped with a heater for freezing prevention as standard
The combination of a temperature sensor and a heater automatically protects the product from low temperatures.
⑥Improved stability
The flow switch is mounted on the discharge side to further stabilize operation.
※When using a small portable generator as a power source, be careful of voltage drop.
 In the event of malfunction or other phenomena, please contact your supplier or pump technical support.
Pressurizing from elevated tank
Pressurization of water supply
Shallow wells(up to 8m)
Pumped liquid
Fresh water
Liquid temperature
0 ~ 40℃
Power frequency*
Number of poles