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Filtration equipment
Sand filtration(circulation type)
Product description
①Significantly reduced installation space
 A compact unit with required devices, saving the installation space to 53-66% compared to conventional products.
②Stainless steel filtration tank
 The filtration tank is made of SUS304 for excellent corrosion resistance and durability, and the maximum working pressure is as high as 0.49MPa.
③Special silica sand is used as filter media.
 The special silica sand is resistant to abrasion and removes all solids larger than 10 μm.
④Extensive control functions
  Equipped with the control functions of a chemical injection pump, a heat exchanger circulation pump, and an electric valve for auxiliary water supply, a new control panel is not required.
⑤Anti-freezing control is equipped as standard
 Bath water is used to prevent freezing inside the equipment.
⑥Dry-run prevention is equipped as standard
 Even if a water level gauge is not installed and the bath water is drained, the operation is automatically stopped to prevent damage to the equipment.
⑦Preparatory operation for bathing
 The bath water temperature is controlled according to the bathing start time, and setting the operation start time is easy and economical.
⑧Operation history displays
 It can display the accumulated operating time of the pump, the number of times the pump is started, and the failure history of the filter up to the last five times, helping to replace consumable parts and respond quickly in case of trouble.
⑨Timer control of chemical injection
 The operation of the chemical injection pump can be finely controlled by a timer.
⑩Makeup water supply control
 Since the makeup water supply can be controlled at any time, it is also possible to forcibly drain dirt on the bath water surface that is difficult to remove.
⑪Interlocking terminal(voltage free a-contact×3)
 This is useful for interlocking the pump for jet bath or air bubble bath.
⑫Remote control is also possible.
 The optional remote control panel allows operation and management from a remote control room.
⑬Detection of abnormal discharge pressure
  In the unlikely event of an abnormal condition in the bathtub or piping system, the system will detect the discharge pressure of the filtration pump and automatically stop.
⑭Remote emergency stop
  In case of emergency, it can be stopped from the bathroom by remote control.
⑮Automatic residual Chlorine control (option)
  The residual chlorine concentration of the bathtub water is adjusted so that it is not affected by the fluctuation of the number of bathers.
Bath filtration
Aqueous filtration
Pumped liquid
Clean water
Liquid temperature
0 ~ 50℃
Power frequency*
Number of poles