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Multi-stage high pressure coolant pumps
Product description
①Non-seal structure makes maintenance easy.
②A motor is highly compact and light weight!! (Compared with our product: height of the motor is reduced by 20 mm).
③The lineup including the models complying with international standards by supporting efficiency and other regulations.
Japan : Top Runner efficiency
Europe : IE3 efficiency, CE marking (EU Directive) RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), which restricting 10 substances
USA : NEMA Premium efficiency (IE3 efficiency), UL standards (safety)
South Korea : KC standard (efficiency)
Canada : CSA standard (efficiency), CSA standard (safety)
China : GB18613-2012
④These are energy saving pumps with high efficiency impellers and IE3 efficiency motors.
⑤Highly abrasion-resistant SiC bearings are adopted in the pump bearings.
⑥Measures against air suction into the pump are taken when the liquid level lowers.
⑦Energy-saving operation by inverter control (flow rate adjustment etc.,) is possible.
Coolant liquid circulation and transfer
Pumped liquid
Liquid temperature
Power frequency*
Number of poles