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Coolant pumps
Non self-priming, low-high flow, medium head, non-seal, multistage close coupled type
Product description
①Strong and tough with high wear resistant structure and material.
②Non-seal (mechanical seal-less) structure is adopted.
③High-pressure, large-capacity (Max. 500 L/min) pump allows expanded selection of head and discharge rate.
④Compliant with RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), which restricting 10 substances.
⑤EU Directive for CE marking compliant. (excluding VKD-7W, VKD-KS)
⑥Diverse lineup complying with various efficiency standards.
VKD type : Equipped with a standard efficiency (IE1) motor.
VKD-e type : Equipped with a Top Runner (equivalent to IE3) motor.
VKD-7W type : Equipped with a UL-approved motor (NEMA premium efficiency).
VKD-KS type : Equipped with Korea energy efficiency labeling program compliant motor (equivalent to IE3)
⑦2 options for immersion length are available (excluding VKD111AA- □ ).
Coolant liquid circulation and transfer
Pumped liquid
Liquid temperature
Power frequency*
Number of poles